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Symplicity Productions

We are Symplicity Productions, a film production company with the mission to create movies that entertain and inspire our audience. We have successfully created two feature films, the award-winning "Kesler" and soon to be released, "The Pros of Cons". Our team consists of Traemani Hawkins; writer and director, Stevie Thompson; score composer, Jason Day; producer, and Ade Adesina; producer and 1st AD. The goal of this course is to share the knowledge we have gained over our careers and help other aspiring filmmakers through their process.

That's a Wrap!

Enroll in the Post-Production portion of Film Production Essentials as we walk through the steps to take after production is done.

Course curriculum

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    • Post-Production Intro

    • Editing

    • Score

    • My Scoring Experience

    • Distribution

    • Premier

    • Getting into the industry