Included in this course...

We will walk through each major step of the filmmaking process and provide an understanding of everything you need to know to create your next film project.

  • Pre-production: How to plan out every step of the creation of your film

  • Production: How to execute the plan effectively and efficiently to complete the shooting of your film

  • Post-production: How to finalize your film and get it seen by the right audience


Production Company

Symplicity Productions

We are Symplicity Productions, a film production company with the mission to create movies that entertain and inspire our audience. We have successfully created two feature films, the award-winning "Kesler" and soon to be released, "The Pros of Cons". Our team consists of Traemani Hawkins; writer and director, Stevie Thompson; score composer, Jason Day; producer, and Ade Adesina; producer and 1st AD. The goal of this course is to share the knowledge we have gained over our careers and help other aspiring filmmakers through their process.

Pricing options

Jump start your next film project

This course will equip you with the skills you need to become a film producer no matter your level of experience.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Pre-Production Intro

    • Script

    • Script Quiz


    • Begin your script

    • Core Group

    • Who do you want to be apart of your inner circle?

    • Raising Funding & Sponsorships

    • Example Investment Deck

    • Example Moodbook

    • Start to develop your Pitch!

    • Location and Equipment

    • Gather your locations & equipment!

    • Hiring Cast and Crew

    • Crew Question

    • Planning the Shoot

    • Planning the Shoot Questions

  • 3


    • Production Intro

    • Directing

    • Directing Quiz

    • Who is your Director?

    • Sound

    • Sound Quiz

    • Lighting

    • Lighting Quiz

    • Your Gaffer

    • Camera

    • Camera Quiz

    • Your DP

    • Actors

    • Actors Quiz

    • Adapting

    • Adapting Quiz

    • Have Fun

  • 4


    • Post-Production Intro

    • Editing

    • Editing Quiz

    • Score

    • My Scoring Experience

    • Scoring Survey

    • Distribution

    • Distirbution Quiz

    • Premier

    • Your First Premier

    • Rinse & Repeat

    • Getting into the Industry

  • 5

    Kesler Case Study

    • Kesler the Movie

    • Kesler (With Creator Commentary)